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Welcome to the Teengagement® Practitioner Network! This site is the place for educator practitioners who are committed to helping students become capable, engaged individuals.

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Standards-Based Webinar: 2/4


Examining the Standards with Teengagement: LAFS.910.RI.3.7

Our second 2016 Teengagement® Webinar on Thursday, February 4, 2016, will take a deeper look at LAFS.910.RI.3.7 and LAFS.910.SL.1.2.

Teachers will learn strategies and tips for dissecting the task demands of the standard, including test specifications and applications that will help students on year-end tests. The webinar is free to anyone who registers. Continue reading

Introducing Interactive Units of Study!

Students and teachers can access Interactive Units of Study. To access them, open your Internet browser and go to your site. The site address is: http://membership.teengagement.com/[your-site] where [your site] is the name that has been assigned to your site. Sign in using your username and password. If you don’t know your username or password contact your site administrator. Continue reading

Coming Soon! The Power of DNA


How can DNA technology help unlock mysteries, and what ethical issues are raised by its use?

Take a look at the ways in which DNA can help unlock mysteries with Teengagement’s new unit The Power of DNA, coming soon.

The Power of DNA will be published on Teengagement this winter. Check out our YouTube channel to see videos of all our current and upcoming Units of Study.

Destination: Mars

mars title square

What ethical issues should be considered as we enter the next frontier of space exploration?

title-HI-color-smallMars One is an organization seeking to send the first colonists to Mars. The initial selection criteria are simple: anyone can apply, but no one who travels to Mars will return to Earth. What kind of ethical questions does a project like this raise? What are some of the risks involved? What do other projects like Mars500 reveal about our ability to survive interplanetary migration?
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Coming Soon! Destination: Mars

title-u-Color small

What ethical issues should be considered as we enter the next frontier of space exploration?

Look into the future of space travel with Teengagement’s new unit Destination: Mars, coming soon. Continue reading

The Beat Goes On

beat goes on title square

How is music an integral part of human experience across time and circumstances?

title-HI-colorHow can music inspire us even in the worst circumstances? Follow the story of Billy McCarthy, musician for the band We Are Augustines, as he suffers personal loss but finds hope and refuge in his expressive music. From here, learn about how music weaves a cord through all facets of our lives, and how it plays a role in our motivation and success.
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Gang Life

gang title square

How does the media portray gangs, and what is their true face in society?

Title-HI-gangs-colorWhat does gang membership really look like? While the media may tell one side, the mental and physical scars of real gang members tell a far darker tale. “The Harsh Reality of Gangs” looks at the devastating personal effects of gang membership and what is being done to rehabilitate those who have escaped this lifestyle.
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activism square

How can young people use social media to encourage real change?

title-HI-colorHow are ordinary people impacting our society through social media? In the High-Interest Article, “Social Media in Action,” students will meet some of the individuals behind projects like Humans of New York and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and learn how to take an idea and turn it into a successful social media campaign that just might change the world.
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Wildlife Warriors

ww square

How does awareness of conservation issues lead to meaningful change?

back-LrgIn this Unit of Study, Wildlife Warriors, students examine what it takes to save the planet, and how it only takes one determined individual to generate worldwide change. The High-Interest Article, “The Irwin Legacy,” updates the reader on the status of Steve Irwin’s wildlife efforts following his death: how his family continues to make meaningful strides for the cause of wildlife preservation, and how his daughter, Bindi, seeks to continue her father’s legacy through her own journey.

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Teengagement Webinar Series: The Empowered Teacher


Join Teengagement® for a series designed to support you in teaching Teengagement Units of Study. This series will help you authentically integrate reading, writing, data, critical thinking, and ethical problem solving.

Session 1: Lesson Opening/Launch                         Sep 22 at 4 p.m. ET or Sep 24 at 6 p.m. ET

Plan a Teengagement® Unit of Study with emphasis on the daily lesson’s Opening/Launch. Click here to sign up.   Continue reading