Ethics of Survival


At midnight on November 22, long lines of moviegoers around the country filed into theaters for the release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Much like the first movie in this series, the enormous popularity of The Hunger Games movie has fueled interest in the novels, providing motivation for reading among youth and adults alike.


Teengagement has tuned into the interest generated by the novels and movies to create an engaging unit of study asking students to examine the question: “How does the human spirit prevail under extreme circumstances, and do the same rules of ethics apply when survival and humanity are both at stake?

The unit provokes students to think about complex moral issues in survival and introduces them to the genre of dystopian literature. Students are given the opportunity to read text that compares ancient gladiatorial fighting with The Hunger Games, and the unit extends to study U.S. military careers and specifically the Soldier’s Creed. Students also explore how both probability and The Prisoner’s Dilemma affect survival in the arena. The unit wraps up as students write their own short story illustrating their belief about the essential question. Click to preview Ethics of Survival: Lexile 1240, 1140, 770  & 690.

David Minardi gives an intro to the unit in this video.

In addition, trailers and other resources for the movie can be viewed here.

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