6 Supplemental Resources for Teaching Thrill-Seekers


If you’re planning to teach the Teengagement® Unit of Study Thrill-Seekers, here are six companion resources you can use to engage students and extend their knowledge.

The Teenage Brain

PBS’ Frontline has an interactive online program titled “Inside the Teenage Brain,” including articles, interviews and discussions on the development of the teenage brain regarding sleep, development, behavior, and other factors.

Frontline Inside the Teenage Brain

The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids has a library of articles on the teenage brain, including, “Is the Teen Brain Hardwired for Risky Behavior?”

Teen White Matter Strength of ConnectionsFinally, NPR’s Richard Knox reported  on “The Teenage Brain: It’s Just Not Grown Up Yet.” Students can listen to the 5 minute story, and/or read about how the brain’s “white matter,” which moves information across the brain, is the last part to connect in teens.

Students can use these resources to gain more understanding of their brains’ development, or as an aid in completing their Brain O’Gram in the Unit Authentic Assessment.

Risk-Taking Behavior

Risk Taking & Entrepreneur Brain Risk-taking“The Innovative Brain” in nature magazine discusses risk-taking as it is related to the brain and the development of entrepreneurs. A difficult technical text, it could be useful for students ready for an extension activity or research assignment related to the unit. A potential discussion question for small groups might ask students to compare and contrast the brain processes and behaviors of teenage risk-takers and entrepreneurs.

A Brain About to Take a RiskFast Company produced a similar article looking at actual brain scans of risk-taking, discussing it in relation to improving decision-making processes. It details a University of Texas study that looked at the brain scan of participants playing a virtual game in which they made a decision whether to pump more air into a virtual balloon for greater points, and risk popping it, or to cash out for a lower amount of points. It gives a fascinating look at why and how we make decisions.

For links to these ideas and many more, visit the Teengagement® Thrill-Seekers Pinterest page.

Thrill-Seekers Pinterest Page

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