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Hunger Games Resources Teengagement

1. The Anatomy of Panem

The Anatomy of Panem - Hunger Games: Catching Fire [Infographic]

AMC Theatres put together this infographic on The Anatomy of Panem for the second novel in the series, Catching Fire. More than simply a great graphic representation, this infographic could be used as or in conjunction with a graphic organizer for a writing assignment.

Link: https://www.amctheatres.com/movie-news/2013/10/the-hunger-games-catching-fire-infographic—the-anatomy-of-panem

2. The Hunger Games Periodic Table of THG Characters

HG Periodic Table

Risa Rodil posted this periodic table of characters from the Hunger Games series, inspired by another periodic table based on Harry Potter characters. Use it in a study of characterization, or have students create their own periodic tables based on other elements of the novel or series.

Link: http://rebloggy.com/post/art-edit-the-hunger-games-thg-hunger-games-geek-infographic-periodic-table-fan-m/20980855561

3‒5. Teengagement Mini-Lessons

Of course we wouldn’t leave out the Teengagement mini-lessons that you can use to accompany the novel! Go to the Teengagement Practitioner Network to view the following three mini-lessons:

Hunger Games Lesson Genres

Literary Genres: http://practitioner.teengagement.com/hunger-games-mini-lesson-literary-genres

Hunger Games Lesson Vocab

Vocabulary: http://practitioner.teengagement.com/hunger-games-mini-lesson-vocabulary

Collaborative Student Investigators_Page_1

Theme: http://practitioner.teengagement.com/hunger-games-mini-lesson-theme

Bonus! You can also use this QR Code as a writing, critical thinking, or discussion prompt for students to respond to the essential question of the Teengagement Unit of Study: https://www.teengagement.com/units-request/uos-2013units/ethics-of-survival-lexile-690-770-1140-1240/.

6. The Hunger Games Infographic

HG Infographic

Another Risa Rodil creation, this infographic corresponds to the first novel in the series. Use it as a refresher before moving on to a subsequent novel, or use it as a model for students to create their own infographic.

Link: http://risarodil.tumblr.com/post/16155862528

7. Mockingjay Hunger Games Acts of Goodness Challenge

HG Act of Goodness

Teacher Tracee Orman designed a two-week Acts of Goodness Challenge to accompany the novel Mockingjay. Currently free at Teachers Pay Teachers, the challenge combines character building with a writing exercise.

Link: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Mockingjay-Hunger-Games-Acts-of-Goodness-Challenge-101054

8. And one that your school can purchase:


The Teengagement Unit of Study: Ethics of Survival: Lexile 1240, 1140, 770  & 690 is a Common Core-Aligned Unit of Study that is written at three levels and asks the question, “How does the human spirit prevail under extreme circumstance, and do the same rules of ethics apply when survival and humanity are both at stake?” A preview of the unit can be viewed at www.teengagement.com.


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