How can young people use social media to encourage real change?

title-HI-colorHow are ordinary people impacting our society through social media? In the High-Interest Article, “Social Media in Action,” students will meet some of the individuals behind projects like Humans of New York and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and learn how to take an idea and turn it into a successful social media campaign that just might change the world.

title-tech-colorThe Technical Article looks at how hashtags have been successful in bringing about change by raising awareness of real issues plaguing our world today. Examine movements like #YesAllWomen, #SaveOurGirls, and #JeSuisCharlie, which demonstrate the power of a simple hashtag to unite millions of people around the globe under one mission.

As social media launches itself into the frontier of the future, charitable causes and profitable businesses alike are looking to hire individuals well versed in creating effective—and viral—marketing campaigns online. This College and Career Article about Social Media Marketing Specialists explains the challenges and rewards of this job.


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