The Beat Goes On


How is music an integral part of human experience across time and circumstances?

title-HI-colorHow can music inspire us even in the worst circumstances? Follow the story of Billy McCarthy, musician for the band We Are Augustines, as he suffers personal loss but finds hope and refuge in his expressive music. From here, learn about how music weaves a cord through all facets of our lives, and how it plays a role in our motivation and success.

title-Tech-colorMusic doesn’t just influence how we feel, it is a psychological catalyst to many of our biological reactions. The Technical Article, “Superpowers of Music,” teaches how music affects brain function in memory and cognition, physical and emotional healing, and even how we are inspired on a daily basis by our music choices. We aren’t just fans of our favorite bands, we are beings driven by and influenced by what we listen to.

In the College and Career Article, students look at the career of a music therapist and learn how musical therapy can make a positive difference in the lives of those suffering with chronic illness.

In the end, students will learn about the art of music therapy, and use their knowledge of music to research a band or musician of their choice, all while compiling information to answer the  essential question: How is music an integral part of human experience across time and circumstances?


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