Captain America Fights Bullying


What is bullying, and what can young people do to stop the momentum of hatred in our society?

That’s the question posed to students in Teengagement’s new unit of study, Busting Up Bullying, which takes a high-interest look at superhero Captain America, and how qualities like strength and taking a stand for justice, exemplified by Captain America, can be applied to the bullying crisis among young people.

The Bullying Mob

The Technical Article, Bullying & Mob Mob_TitleMentality, discusses the psychological phenomenon of mob mentality, or groupthink, through the lens of bullying. The reader is challenged to discover ways to use mob mentality to positively impact issues of bullying.

Guidance for Bullying Victims

Help WantedThe College and Career Article examines the career of a school Guidance Counselor, especially as it relates to the development and implementation of anti-bullying programs in secondary schools.


Busting Up Bullying is an engaging unit of study written at three Lexile levels from intervention level to college-ready, and fully aligned to the Reading, Writing, and Speaking & Listening Common Core Anchor Standards.

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