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Introducing Interactive Units of Study!

Students and teachers can access Interactive Units of Study. To access them, open your Internet browser and go to your site. The site address is:[your-site] where [your site] is the name that has been assigned to your site. Sign in … Continue reading

Coming Soon! The Power of DNA


How can DNA technology help unlock mysteries, and what ethical issues are raised by its use? Take a look at the ways in which DNA can help unlock mysteries with Teengagement’s new unit The Power of DNA, coming soon. The Power of … Continue reading

Coming Soon! Destination: Mars

What ethical issues should be considered as we enter the next frontier of space exploration? Look into the future of space travel with Teengagement’s new unit Destination: Mars, coming soon.

Free 11th/12th Grade Retake Webinar!

Update: This webinar is now complete. Teengagement subscribers will have access to the webinar recordings on their school’s subscription site [] under the Teengagement Empower tab shortly. Join Teengagement® for a free webinar designed to support you in preparing 11th … Continue reading

It’s Earth Day! Sneak Peek of a New Unit!


In honor of Earth Day, we’re releasing the video for a new Teengagement Unit of Study! Wildlife Warriors looks at the conservation legacy of Steve Irwin, being carried on through the Australia Zoo and his daughter Bindi. The unit asks students … Continue reading

Test Prep Webinar 2- February 12


Join speaker Pat Melivn, master teacher and coach, for the second of a three-part webinar series on preparing for testing, Sectioning the Text and Staying Connected While Reading. In the second session, teachers will learn how to demonstrate sectioning the text in a … Continue reading

The Fight Against Ebola


How does an epidemic impact society, and what action must be taken in the face of such an invisible threat? Recently, Ebola has ravaged western Africa, spreading across the continent and around the world. Health care and humanitarian workers have … Continue reading

Test Prep Webinar 1- January 27th


Join speaker Pat Melivn, master teacher and coach, for the first of a three-part webinar series on preparing student for testing. In Actively Reading and Translating the Question, teachers will learn how to prepare a pacing plan for their students going … Continue reading

Wired for Success: Unit Spotlight


How can success be attained from the most unlikely of circumstances? Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre are two of the most successful people in the music business, and both have transcended their humble beginnings to make millions of dollars.

Into the Archives: Headlines around the Web


These events and issues making headlines recently can be used in your Teengagement classroom to extend a unit, build background knowledge, provide fodder for discussion, and further engage students.   In Teengagement’s Unit of Study King of the Monsters, readers are introduced … Continue reading