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Destination: Mars

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What ethical issues should be considered as we enter the next frontier of space exploration? Mars One is an organization seeking to send the first colonists to Mars. The initial selection criteria are simple: anyone can apply, but no one … Continue reading

The Beat Goes On

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How is music an integral part of human experience across time and circumstances? How can music inspire us even in the worst circumstances? Follow the story of Billy McCarthy, musician for the band We Are Augustines, as he suffers personal … Continue reading

Gang Life

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How does the media portray gangs, and what is their true face in society? What does gang membership really look like? While the media may tell one side, the mental and physical scars of real gang members tell a far … Continue reading


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How can young people use social media to encourage real change? How are ordinary people impacting our society through social media? In the High-Interest Article, “Social Media in Action,” students will meet some of the individuals behind projects like Humans … Continue reading

Wildlife Warriors

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How does awareness of conservation issues lead to meaningful change? In this Unit of Study, Wildlife Warriors, students examine what it takes to save the planet, and how it only takes one determined individual to generate worldwide change. The High-Interest Article, … Continue reading


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Under what circumstances is it justifiable to challenge authority? Best-selling novels and hit films like Mockingjay from the Hunger Games series, and Insurgent from the Divergent trilogy, examine the complex nature of rebellion. This unit’s High-Interest Article, “Chasing Hope,” uses these fictional accounts as an opportunity to ask,“What makes a hero?” Students … Continue reading

Animated Lessons


How do elements of animated children’s movies teach us about values and impart wisdom? Disney movies may not be as simple as they first appear. “Treasured Tales, Timeless Truths” looks at how beloved Disney tales have enchanted both children and adults while teaching … Continue reading


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How does the use of social media affect modern communication and self-awareness? Are you a selfie fanatic? Does the social media world view your world through the lens of you? In this unit’s High-Interest Article, “#selfie Culture,” students read about … Continue reading

Can You Hear Me?

Can You Hear Me Derrick Coleman

How are Deaf and Hearing cultures interdependent, and why is it important to recognize diverse cultural contributions to society?

Pay for Play

Pay for Play Unit of Study

Welcome back teachers! The first NEW Teengagement® Unit of Study of the 2014-2015 school year is available today! Students and teachers are heading back to the classroom, and for many of us college sports will soon occupy our Saturdays once again. With that comes renewed … Continue reading