Gang Life


How does the media portray gangs, and what is their true face in society?

Title-HI-gangs-colorWhat does gang membership really look like? While the media may tell one side, the mental and physical scars of real gang members tell a far darker tale. “The Harsh Reality of Gangs” looks at the devastating personal effects of gang membership and what is being done to rehabilitate those who have escaped this lifestyle.

Title-Tech-Gangs-colorThe Technical Article, “A History of Organized Crime,” examines the ways that old-school mobsters like Al Capone have affected the way we perceive gangs in society. While The Godfather is a cinematic classic, does it accurately portray the mafia hierarchy of the past? This article looks at how gangs have developed in the United States from the time of prohibition, to the present War on Drugs.

Every day, special agents for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) put their lives on the line, all around the world, to fight the War on Drugs. From taking down kingpins to confiscating illegal narcotics, a job in this field is action-packed, and designed to better the world. The College and Career Article looks at this field.

Ultimately, students will use this knowledge to answer the essential question: How does the media portray gangs, and what is their true face in society?


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