Hunger Games Mini-Lesson: Theme


Collaborative Student Investigators

CSI Theme Detectives


The task for your investigative team is to analyze the novel to determine its primary theme. In order to do this, follow these instructions:

  1. Read PowerPoint slides to review the meaning of theme.
  2. Follow the outlined steps on the PowerPoint that will lead you to your interpretation of the primary theme of Hunger Games.


  1. Complete Case Notes that are aligned with the steps that lead to interpretation.
  2. Complete 4 Text and Subtext cards. Select 4 quotations from the novel and place each quote on a separate Text and Subtext card. Then follow the directions which will guide you in making appropriate inferences about meaning of the quotes. The inferences you make will help your team decide on the main theme of the book. Once you have decided, go to activity 3.
  3. Write your statement of what you think the main theme was for Hunger Games, based on your investigation.

Text-SubText-Example Text-SubText-Example2

Use this lesson to complement the Teengagement Unit of Study: Ethics of Survival: Lexile 1240, 1140, 770  & 690

pdf-iconDownload a PDF of the lesson, including examples and Case Notes printable form: Collaborative Student Investigators.

pdf-iconDownload a PDF of the PowerPoint on Theme: SCRIBBLE PAD.




Text-Subtext:  unknown

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