Into the Archives: Headlines around the Web


These events and issues making headlines recently can be used in your Teengagement classroom to extend a unit, build background knowledge, provide fodder for discussion, and further engage students.



In Teengagement’s Unit of Study King of the Monsters, readers are introduced to nuclear disasters from the past, including the one at Chernobyl. Recently, new technology has given scientists and historians a rare glimpse at the tragedy years later. “Drone footage reveals derelict remains of Chernobyl, neighboring city of Pripyat,” from the New York Daily News reports on these developments which teachers can use to integrate diverse media into the unit.



EthicsOfSurvival-SideBar-280x80The Hunger Games series is booming once again, thanks to the box office release and success of Mockingjay- Part 1. Supplement your study of Teengagement Unit of Study Ethics of Survival with the Slate article “The Economics of The Hunger Games.




E! News  interviewed Paul Walker III, father of Paul Walker on the one year anniversary of his death. He discussed how he’s coped in the year since the star’s death and about the upcoming Fast and the Furious 7. His interview emotional tribute could be a powerful resource for students using the Teengagement Unit of study Thrill Seekers.



President Obama’s recent executive order regarding immigration, reopens the opportunity to supplement the Borders Unit of Study. Students can read an analyze the text of the President’s Address to the Nation, discussing it in the context of the unit and the greater issue at hand. One California High School digital new site, Scotscoop, has an infographic depicting the order with data about citizens’ approval. Do remember that this may be a polarizing and even painful subject for many students, so set boundaries for discussions and remain sensitive to your audience. You may choose to further supplement with a DBQ discussing the historical perspective of immigration.


These units of study are just a few in our broad and diverse portfolio of Units of Study available as part of Teengagement®. Check out our YouTube channel to see videos of our Units of Study. To find out how your school or district can start benefiting from Teengagement, please contact us at

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