Introducing Interactive Units of Study!


Students and teachers can access Interactive Units of Study. To access them, open your Internet browser and go to your site. The site address is:[your-site] where [your site] is the name that has been assigned to your site. Sign in using your username and password. If you don’t know your username or password contact your site administrator.

Log In

You may want to bookmark the log-in page for ease of navigation.

You will be directed to the home page. From here you may search for Units of Study. Search by Category, by Lexile Level, or type in a search term use the search tool. Those signed in as Teachers will see Teacher Units, Teengagement Empower (professional development), and Interactive Units. Students will see Student Units and Interactive Units.


Once you search, or click a category, you will see units to choose from. Click the title of the unit you wish to open.

You will then see the description of the unit’s content. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view links to the content.

Interactive Unit

Click the link of the unit component you wish to open. A window will open. Click To the Article.

Interactive Log In

Before you enter the article you must Register each time. Type in your student number, Teacher Name, Teacher Email, and Your Name. It is very important that you enter your teacher’s correct email and your correct name because scores are not stored in the system and will be emailed to your teacher.

Interactive Registration

After registering, read the article and complete the quiz by following the prompts. You only have one chance to answer each question so consider your answer choices carefully. You can highlight (shown in green), click to open the pop-up text box, and open and type in a pop-up notes window. After you press DONE to indicate that the quiz is finished you will be taken to the results page.

Interactive Last Page

The results page provides a summary of your responses. You can print your results using the Print button. Press EXIT for the results to be automatically emailed to the teacher email you provided at the beginning of the session.

Interactive Unit 2

For additional help, contact your site administrator.

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