Under what circumstances is it justifiable to challenge authority?

HI-titleBest-selling novels and hit films like Mockingjay from the Hunger Games series, and Insurgent from the Divergent trilogy, examine the complex nature of rebellion. This unit’s High-Interest Article, “Chasing Hope,” uses these fictional accounts as an opportunity to ask,“What makes a hero?” Students examine the intricate causes, results, and justifications for challenging authority.

tech-titleIn “Rise of the People,” the Technical Article provides students with DBQ-style primary sources from the period of the French Revolution. After reading the article, students answer a Document Based Question about the political, economic, and cultural causes of the revolution.

The College and Career Article offers a look at the career path of a Propaganda Artist, a professional employed to support a cause or campaign. Students learnabout the required background of design and marketing, along with the impact ofthis work on a movement.

By the end of the unit, students are led to answer the Essential Question: Under what circumstances is it justifiable to challenge authority?


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