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Introducing Women’s Rights to Your Students

Women's Rights

Recently I had the opportunity to model an introductory lesson for the Women’s Rights Unit of Study at a Middle School in Indian River School District. This Adobe Connect Session provides you with the body of the lesson that I … Continue reading

Learning Strategies and Other Crazy Ideas

Learning Strategies and Other Crazy Ideas is an Adobe Connect session of strategies that will engage students.

Interactive and Engaging Activities- Adobe Connect Session

Jon shares ideas to engaging students with interactive ideas that get students excited about learning. Click to view the Adobe Connect Video: Interactive and Engaging Activities (26:16 minutes).

Differentiated Warm-Ups- Adobe Connect Session

Differentiated Warm-ups

Jon shares ideas to engage all students in beginning of the period warm-up activities. Click to view the Adobe Connect Video: Differentiated Warm-Ups (9:41 minutes).

Classroom Management- Adobe Connect Session

classroom mgnt

Veteran teacher Jon Kern provides tips for effective classroom management. Click here to watch the Adobe Connect video presentation.

Skill Sheets: Adobe Connect Session

skills sheets

Jon speaks about various skill sheets designed for use in the classroom.         Click to view the Adobe Connect Video: Skills Sheets (7:51 minutes).

Reading is Like Climbing a Mountain: Adobe Connect Video

Reading like climbing a mountain

Jon gives teachers a video strategy for teaching students how reading is like climbing a mountain, using the steps: Questioning, Clarifying, Summarizing, and Predicting. Click to view the Adobe Connect Video: Reading Like Climbing a Mountain (10:48 minutes).

Pre-reading Strategies: Adobe Connect Video

Jon Kern, Middle School Language Arts teacher and Teengagement author and contributor, discusses two pre-reading strategies to aid students in setting a purpose for reading and activating background knowledge.