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The Beat Goes On

beat goes on title square

How is music an integral part of human experience across time and circumstances? How can music inspire us even in the worst circumstances? Follow the story of Billy McCarthy, musician for the band We Are Augustines, as he suffers personal … Continue reading

Sign-up for a Free Trial of Thrill-Seekers

Is there a scientific explanation for risk-taking behavior, especially among adolescents, and how can thrill-seekers channel their impulses in a constructive way? With the recent release of Furious 7, the latest in the Fast and the Furious franchise, the Teengagement® Unit of … Continue reading

6 Supplemental Resources for Teaching Thrill-Seekers


If you’re planning to teach the Teengagement® Unit of Study Thrill-Seekers, here are six companion resources you can use to engage students and extend their knowledge.

Using Working Memory for Standardized Testing

Working Memory Brain-Concept

One of the challenges of standardized testing in English Language Arts is that students have to read and recall a large volume of text in a short amount of time. I’ve been experimenting with ways to help my students build … Continue reading