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“Word Lessons” Using Words from Teengagement® Units of Study

word lessons using bub

At times, my students need direct instruction on word parts, vowel sounds, word sight recognition, etc. To do this, I’ve begun utilizing words from the Teengagement® Units of Study I am teaching. I pre-assess students on their recognition of the … Continue reading

Validity and Reliability & Context Clues Lessons: Busting Up Bullying 1100L


In their reading for my class, students must be able to determine the validity of reasoning and reliability of the evidence presented in the text and use context clues in order to determine meaning. I teach classes of 7th and 8th … Continue reading

Captain America Fights Bullying


What is bullying, and what can young people do to stop the momentum of hatred in our society? That’s the question posed to students in Teengagement’s new unit of study, Busting Up Bullying, which takes a high-interest look at superhero Captain … Continue reading