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Incorporating Famous Speeches into Meaningful Homework Assignments

Kennedy's Speech

I have been trying to come up with a useful homework assignment that gets students to practice fluency, vocabulary, comprehension strategies and writing. However, I’ve had trouble finding good material. So, the thought dawned on me to use excerpts from … Continue reading

Thematic Connections: To Identify and Articulate Common Threads

Common Threads and Thematic Connections

Assumption: Comprehension Is Best Demonstrated Through Writing. Question: Did my students in 8th Grade Intensive Reading grasp the significance of Malala Yousafzai’s courageous struggle for equality in Pakistan?

Reading (and Writing) Fluency: Forging the Connection

Malala Technical Article Fluency

On Comprehending Grade-level Texts What’s your fluency threshold?  Do you max out at Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment?  Virginia Woolf’s  To the Lighthouse? Stephen Hawking’s The Grand Design? No matter how much we’ve read, or how often, we each eventually arrive … Continue reading

Reading: The Whole Picture, Part II

Young people engaged in reading successfully

Last week I introduced the first major problem students encounter in reading, Interruption of the Perceptual Act, along with a solution and implementation strategy. Today we’ll move on to the second problem and how it can be addressed.

Cut and Paste Poetry using Women’s Rights

Malala crop

April is National Poetry Month! This month we’ll feature a few different ideas to introduce your students to reading, interpreting and writing poetry as part of a Unit of Study. Cut and Paste Poetry is a comprehension and writing strategy … Continue reading