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G.R.A.S.P. Summarizing Strategy

GRASP Strategy using Pay for Play

In thinking about how to help students read the High-Interest Article in Pay for Play, I knew I’d use this text to work on their summarizing skills. Because of the multiple viewpoints of the article, I knew I’d need to … Continue reading

Teaching a Targeted Intervention Lesson

thrill-seekers critical thinking connection

Paul Walker’s tragic story in the Thrill-Seekers Unit of Study offers teens a high-interest topic as well as the opportunity for teachers to slide in some important life lessons for their students. The Essential Question keeps us focused throughout the unit, … Continue reading

Using Twitter to Determine Central Ideas

Using twitter to determine central ideas

I have to face it – in my earlier years as a teacher, I was guilty of requesting work from my students that was difficult for them to deliver because I hadn’t prepared them for the job. Here’s an example.

Catfishing: Seeing Below the Surface of the Text


Trying to get the students to think inside the text can be difficult. Getting them to really examine all the different angles and ideas beyond the superficial is not easy. From time to time, I will provide some images that … Continue reading

Introducing Women’s Rights to Your Students

Women's Rights

Recently I had the opportunity to model an introductory lesson for the Women’s Rights Unit of Study at a Middle School in Indian River School District. This Adobe Connect Session provides you with the body of the lesson that I … Continue reading

Hunger Games Mini-lesson: Literary Genres

Hunger Games Lesson Genres

Aside from being a wildly popular novel trilogy and now a series of movies, the Hunger Games series offers teachers fertile ground for ethical questions focusing on survival vs. humanity.  Additionally, we can incorporate standards-based instruction throughout our lessons.

Determine Central Ideas or Themes

Determine central ideas or themes of a text and analyze their development; summarize key supporting details and ideas. Teengagement® Targeted Intervention Lessons (TILs) are a collection of mini lessons aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Each lesson explicitly targets one … Continue reading