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Under what circumstances is it justifiable to challenge authority? Best-selling novels and hit films like Mockingjay from the Hunger Games series, and Insurgent from the Divergent trilogy, examine the complex nature of rebellion. This unit’s High-Interest Article, “Chasing Hope,” uses these fictional accounts as an opportunity to ask,“What makes a hero?” Students … Continue reading

Divergent Aptitude Test

Teengagement Divergent Aptitude Test

Previously, I shared some ideas for building background knowledge for using the Unit of Study Divergent in a Middle School setting. 

Using the Teengagement® Reading Instructional Guide

Interesting discussion

Would your students jump at the chance to talk about an issue like this during your class? Does conformity to a common goal make society stronger or weaker? (Divergent) Teachers know that getting teens’ attention is half the battle, and … Continue reading

Four Resources for Teaching Divergent

Four Resources for Teaching Divergent

If you’re delving into the Teengagement® Unit of Study Divergent in the coming days and weeks, either as a companion piece to the novel Divergent or alone, the following are four engaging resources that you might choose to use in your classroom … Continue reading

Teaching Divergent: Six-Word Sound Byte

divergent sound byte

Students must be able to not only read with comprehension, but discuss and write based on evidence from the text. In this extension activity, students will write a Six-Word Sound Byte on a text-dependent discussion question from the Teengagement® Unit … Continue reading

Teaching Divergent: Building Background Knowledge

divergent background knowledge

My students’ reading list doesn’t yet include Divergent, and most aren’t motivated to read it on their own. Although some may see the film, if I want to teach the Teengagement® Divergent Unit in my classes I’ll have to build … Continue reading



Does conformity to a common goal make society stronger or weaker? That’s the question posed to students in the new Teengagement® Unit of Study, Divergent. Timed to the release of the movie, the high-interest article examines the themes of conformity and … Continue reading