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The Technical Article: What’s It All About?

Divergent Technical Article

While the High-Interest Article of a Teengagement® Unit of Study (UOS) earns its name by engaging students interest with an engaging, high interest topic, the remainder of the unit uses that engagement factor to expand the Essential Question. The Technical Article digs … Continue reading

Sorting the Evidence and Authentic Assessment: Making Connections

Sorting the Evidence and AA

Creating literate readers goes beyond the physical act of reading.  Teengagement® Units of Study (UOS) are constructed to take students beyond reading assignments into purpose-driven reading, writing and thinking. Each component in a unit relates to the others in some critical way, much … Continue reading

Practical Engagement

Young people engaged in reading successfully

Last week I wrote about the case for engagement in the classroom, and how critical it is to student success. Today I’d like to discuss how, at Teengagement®, we strive to bring the reality of engagement into our materials.

The WOW! Factor: Best Practices and Connections

The WOW Factor

Over the course of the last weeks, I’ve written about the WOW! Factor I’ve been able to experience visiting Teengagement® partner schools. In the fall, I saw the WOW! Factor at work in small groups, then later through collaboration. On my … Continue reading

The WOW! Factor: Collaboration

The WOW Factor

Last week I introduced you to some of the WOW! Factor teaching moments and strategies I was able to observe in Escambia County, specifically related to warm-ups and small group work. On my second day, I visited Ransom, Ferry Pass, and … Continue reading

The WOW! Factor: Bell Ringers and Small Groups

The WOW Factor

“I am not a teacher, but an awakener.” -Robert Frost Watching novice and experienced teachers interact with both their students and their lessons is always an exciting practice for me because it reminds me of my early years of teaching … Continue reading

Using Essential Questions to Focus Learning

It’s easy to be overcome within the educational mantra of standards and benchmarks, followed by “the test” to assess how well we all did, both students and teachers. Over time in the classroom, I found myself reverting to lessons and activities … Continue reading