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Into the Archives: Headlines around the Web


These events and issues making headlines recently can be used in your Teengagement classroom to extend a unit, build background knowledge, provide fodder for discussion, and further engage students.   In Teengagement’s Unit of Study King of the Monsters, readers are introduced … Continue reading

7 FREE Resources for Teaching The Hunger Games

Hunger Games Mini-Lesson: Theme


Collaborative Student Investigators CSI Theme Detectives Tasks The task for your investigative team is to analyze the novel to determine its primary theme. In order to do this, follow these instructions: Read PowerPoint slides to review the meaning of theme. … Continue reading

Hunger Games Mini-lesson: Vocabulary


Previously, we discussed using the Hunger Games series as a vehicle for teaching teens about the THEMES of utopian and dystopian literature. However, educators are responsible for having multiple balls in the air at any one time, and two of … Continue reading

Hunger Games Mini-lesson: Literary Genres

Hunger Games Lesson Genres

Aside from being a wildly popular novel trilogy and now a series of movies, the Hunger Games series offers teachers fertile ground for ethical questions focusing on survival vs. humanity.  Additionally, we can incorporate standards-based instruction throughout our lessons.

Ethics of Survival


At midnight on November 22, long lines of moviegoers around the country filed into theaters for the release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Much like the first movie in this series, the enormous popularity of The Hunger Games movie … Continue reading