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“Word Lessons” Using Words from Teengagement® Units of Study

word lessons using bub

At times, my students need direct instruction on word parts, vowel sounds, word sight recognition, etc. To do this, I’ve begun utilizing words from the Teengagement® Units of Study I am teaching. I pre-assess students on their recognition of the … Continue reading

Validity and Reliability & Context Clues Lessons: Busting Up Bullying 1100L


In their reading for my class, students must be able to determine the validity of reasoning and reliability of the evidence presented in the text and use context clues in order to determine meaning. I teach classes of 7th and 8th … Continue reading

Hunger Games Mini-Lesson: Theme


Collaborative Student Investigators CSI Theme Detectives Tasks The task for your investigative team is to analyze the novel to determine its primary theme. In order to do this, follow these instructions: Read PowerPoint slides to review the meaning of theme. … Continue reading

Composing with Key Words Bookmark- Free Download

Use this free download to aid your students in using new vocabulary in the context of the text being read.  Composing with Key Words-Bookmark

Reading Strategy Bookmarks

Circle Map-Bookmark

These bookmarks can be used to develop and remind your students of effective reading habits. View them below and click the PDF links to download for classroom use.  Table of Contents-Bookmark

Main Idea Trio Card

This Main Idea Trio Card can be used as an effective reading strategy with Teengagement texts or other texts students are required to read in your classroom. Click the link to download the Main Idea Trio Card for use in your classroom. … Continue reading

Circle Map with Frame of Reference

Circle Map with Frame of Reference

Happy Monday morning! To start your week off right, here’s a vocabulary strategy to aid students in learning and using new vocabulary in the context of the text.

Table of Contents Reading Strategy

I created this Table of Contents reading strategy to help students improve their reading efficiency. It can be used with any text students are using in your classroom.