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(Re)Learning to Differentiate: Starting Small on Behalf of Students

differentiation for student success

I’ve often proposed to colleagues that the single most challenging initiative that secondary teachers are charged with is differentiating instruction (DI). Most secondary teachers have well over 100 students.  We teach several different courses or variations of them.  We teach … Continue reading

Replenish, Episode 2: Thanks for Passing Through

David Minardi, founder of Teengagement®, discusses the impact a teacher has every day in the second episode of his new podcast, Replenish. In “Thanks for Passing Through,” he thanks teachers for “passing through” and simultaneously impacting future generations. To listen to Replenish, … Continue reading

When Reading is Like Riding a Bike: Gradual Release of Responsibility

Gradual Release of Responsibility

Do you remember learning how to ride a bike? Oh, that is a memory that will never fade in my mind. My dad came home from work, changed his clothes and took me outside to watch him take the training … Continue reading

Replenish, Episode 1: Technology vs. Teacher

Replenish Education Podcast

David Minardi, founder of Teengagement®, discusses technology in the classroom in the first episode of his new podcast, Replenish. In Technology vs. Teacher, he speaks to teachers about their invaluable role shaping students, and how technology can aid, but never … Continue reading

Authentic Assessment: The Heart of a Unit of Study

Sample Authentic Tasks

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of hiking, camping, and exploring the great outdoors by canoe. So I joined the Brownies/Girl Scouts anticipating all of the camping trips and trail explorations that I would take. Guess what? My … Continue reading

Teaching a Targeted Intervention Lesson

thrill-seekers critical thinking connection

Paul Walker’s tragic story in the Thrill-Seekers Unit of Study offers teens a high-interest topic as well as the opportunity for teachers to slide in some important life lessons for their students. The Essential Question keeps us focused throughout the unit, … Continue reading

The WOW! Factor: Bell Ringers and Small Groups

The WOW Factor

“I am not a teacher, but an awakener.” -Robert Frost Watching novice and experienced teachers interact with both their students and their lessons is always an exciting practice for me because it reminds me of my early years of teaching … Continue reading