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Into the Archives: Johnny Manziel and Pay for Play


Short and Spontaneous As college and professional teams alike are enjoying another season, football has once again become the topic of conversation for sports commentators. There’s the typical banter over whose team is superior, how powerful the rookie lineup looks, … Continue reading

G.R.A.S.P. Summarizing Strategy

GRASP Strategy using Pay for Play

In thinking about how to help students read the High-Interest Article in Pay for Play, I knew I’d use this text to work on their summarizing skills. Because of the multiple viewpoints of the article, I knew I’d need to … Continue reading

Pay for Play

Pay for Play Unit of Study

Welcome back teachers! The first NEW Teengagement® Unit of Study of the 2014-2015 school year is available today! Students and teachers are heading back to the classroom, and for many of us college sports will soon occupy our Saturdays once again. With that comes renewed … Continue reading

New Unit Preview: Pay for Play

Pay for Play Preview

Should college athletes be paid, or is the reward of college scholarships and a potential professional career payment enough? This current polarizing debate is being heightened with current legal proceedings. Students will learn about the legal and ethical aspects of … Continue reading