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Concentration: Compliant vs. Natural Silence

Natural, Silent Concentration

Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding.[1]    – Proverbs 17:28 Current educational publications tout the efficacy of student talk as a vehicle to construct … Continue reading

Daily Schedule in a “Hybrid Class” using Pay for Play

Typical Daily Class Schedule- Pay for Play

One week down… The Situation Here is my current situation: double-block 8th grade Intensive Reading. I see the same classes of students every day for 90 minutes per day. I teach them a “hybrid” of English Language Arts and Reading. … Continue reading

Reading: The Whole Picture, Part II

Young people engaged in reading successfully

Last week I introduced the first major problem students encounter in reading, Interruption of the Perceptual Act, along with a solution and implementation strategy. Today we’ll move on to the second problem and how it can be addressed.

Reading: The Whole Picture, Part I

Interesting discussion

Hockey sticks clacking, ice chunks spraying, my nephew Stephen raced down the rink, hugging the puck between stick and skates. Abruptly, he swirled to a stop, pulled out his playbook and reviewed the play strategy for this game situation, a … Continue reading

What We Learned from IRA14

International Reading Association Conference

Last week David Minardi, founder of Teengagement®, and Rebecca Minardi, Content Writer, participated in the International Reading Association’s annual conference, IRA14, in New Orleans. As a vendor, the weekend was filled with discussions about the challenges in education today, passionate … Continue reading

5 Free Ideas to Keep Teens Reading This Summer

5 Tips for Summer Reading

Besides the obvious antidote to the “summer slide,” summer reading provides opportunities for adolescent students to explore interests, work towards college and career readiness, re-read preferences, and discover new favorites. HOW to get books and other text in the hands … Continue reading