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Organizing Text with a Cornell Notes Template

Cornell Notes Title

Disorganized notes, while sometimes the hallmark of creative genius, are usually correlated to disorganized thinking.  When I first meet my students in August, I often see notebooks that look like Kurt Cobain’s journal. Of course, a few select prodigies can … Continue reading

Trying to Think Like a Freak

Learning to Think Like a Freak

I am currently enjoying my summer and reading several books. One of them is Think Like a Freak, by Steven Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner. As I’ve discussed before, it was their first two books (Freakonomics and Superfreakonomics) that heavily … Continue reading

Using the Teengagement® Reading Instructional Guide

Interesting discussion

Would your students jump at the chance to talk about an issue like this during your class? Does conformity to a common goal make society stronger or weaker? (Divergent) Teachers know that getting teens’ attention is half the battle, and … Continue reading

Reading: The Whole Picture, Part II

Young people engaged in reading successfully

Last week I introduced the first major problem students encounter in reading, Interruption of the Perceptual Act, along with a solution and implementation strategy. Today we’ll move on to the second problem and how it can be addressed.

Reading: The Whole Picture, Part I

Interesting discussion

Hockey sticks clacking, ice chunks spraying, my nephew Stephen raced down the rink, hugging the puck between stick and skates. Abruptly, he swirled to a stop, pulled out his playbook and reviewed the play strategy for this game situation, a … Continue reading

Five Resources for Teaching Catfishing

Warning Signs of a Catfish

If you’re planning to teach the Teengagement® Unit of Study Catfishing, here are five companion resources you can use to engage students and extend their knowledge.

Introducing Women’s Rights to Your Students

Women's Rights

Recently I had the opportunity to model an introductory lesson for the Women’s Rights Unit of Study at a Middle School in Indian River School District. This Adobe Connect Session provides you with the body of the lesson that I … Continue reading

Teaching Divergent: Six-Word Sound Byte

divergent sound byte

Students must be able to not only read with comprehension, but discuss and write based on evidence from the text. In this extension activity, students will write a Six-Word Sound Byte on a text-dependent discussion question from the Teengagement® Unit … Continue reading

“Word Lessons” Using Words from Teengagement® Units of Study

word lessons using bub

At times, my students need direct instruction on word parts, vowel sounds, word sight recognition, etc. To do this, I’ve begun utilizing words from the Teengagement® Units of Study I am teaching. I pre-assess students on their recognition of the … Continue reading

Text Tactic that Strengthens the Print-Mind Connection: Table of Contents© Strategy

Table of Contents

The Challenge 36-year-old Mark limped into the class room just in time to secure the last seat. He let his books fall to the floor by his feet and faced the front of the room. I could see the carotid … Continue reading