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The Empowered Teacher Session 3- 10/20 & 10/22


Session 3: Standards-Based Lessons

Differentiating Process: Modifying How Students Negotiate Text

student differentiated assignment

One of the most challenging aspects of the Florida Standards (as well as the strikingly similar Common Core State Standards) is the return of text complexity.  I use the term return as a reminder that the canon once, decades ago, … Continue reading

Deep (Thinking) Space: The Final Frontier

Reading to Write and Writing to Understand

You’re a teacher.  (Thank you!) Specifically, if you’re frequenting Teengagement®, you’re a teacher focused on how your secondary students interact with the written word.  You and I are alike.  I teach eighth grade language arts and intensive reading, and I … Continue reading

Taking a Look at the New Writing Rubrics and a Training PowerPoint

Writing Rubric Checklist

I am teaching 8th grade language arts and reading in the state of Florida this year. We are one of those states that has created its own set of standards, although they are incredibly similar to the Common Core State … Continue reading

The Technical Writing Prompt: Rich with Purpose

Divergent Technical Writing Prompt

Many students dread, and resist, any request to write. This can have many causes, from unpleasant previous experience, to gaps in writing mechanics, to a belief that none of what they are asked to write is meaningful or rewarding.