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Organizing Text with a Cornell Notes Template

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Disorganized notes, while sometimes the hallmark of creative genius, are usually correlated to disorganized thinking.  When I first meet my students in August, I often see notebooks that look like Kurt Cobain’s journal. Of course, a few select prodigies can … Continue reading

Interpreting the Data? But this is Reading!

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Each Teengagement® Unit of Study is comprised of several sections – a High Interest Article, a Technical Article, Interpreting the Data, a College and Career article, and a Vocabulary Assessment and Authentic Assessment. Where did Interpreting the Data come from? Why … Continue reading

Figurative Language & Text Features using Taking a Stand

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As we creep closer to our state’s standardized testing date, I am working with my classes on specific skills to ensure my students are confident in those skills and the thought process it takes to answer the multiple choice questions. … Continue reading

Taking a Stand

Taking a Stand Unit of Study

What impact does bullying have on the victim, and what degree of responsibility do we have when we witness bullying?