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Differentiating Process: Modifying How Students Negotiate Text

student differentiated assignment

One of the most challenging aspects of the Florida Standards (as well as the strikingly similar Common Core State Standards) is the return of text complexity.  I use the term return as a reminder that the canon once, decades ago, … Continue reading

(Re)Learning to Differentiate: Starting Small on Behalf of Students

differentiation for student success

I’ve often proposed to colleagues that the single most challenging initiative that secondary teachers are charged with is differentiating instruction (DI). Most secondary teachers have well over 100 students.  We teach several different courses or variations of them.  We teach … Continue reading

Text Complexity Mini-Series, Part II (Increasing Students’ Ability)

Last month we looked at the description and importance of text complexity. It’s possible you already knew much of what was written. After all, text complexity is a concept that has been around for a number of years. But the … Continue reading

Text Complexity Mini-Series, Part I

Whether you’re in a state that has adopted the Common Core State Standards or not, chances are that if you’re involved in the world of secondary literacy, you’ve heard a decent amount about text complexity. Certainly within the scope of … Continue reading