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Knowledge and Behavior Messages in Our Texts


Philo – love of Sophia – wisdom Wisdom – having (and using) good judgment Transformation – the process of dramatic growth For the past few thousand years, philosophers have been asking two main questions: Epistemology: How do we know what … Continue reading

Thematic Connections, Part II: Helping Our Students to Identify and Articulate Common Threads

Common Threads and Thematic Connections

We’re always learning.  Thank goodness. I’m a middle school language arts teacher in southwest Florida, posing this essential question to my thirteen-year-olds from Puerto Rico, Sweden, Cuba, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Haiti, Colombia, El Salvador, Trinidad and Tobago, and various … Continue reading

Critical Thinking Connections and Catfishing

Critical Thinking Connection

All educators want to create exciting, effective lesson plans, but the clock defeats us sometimes, doesn’t it? Teengagement® subscribers have access to Critical Thinking Connections (CTC) for each Unit of Study, designed to engage students and save teachers time when … Continue reading

Cut and Paste Poetry using Women’s Rights

Malala crop

April is National Poetry Month! This month we’ll feature a few different ideas to introduce your students to reading, interpreting and writing poetry as part of a Unit of Study. Cut and Paste Poetry is a comprehension and writing strategy … Continue reading

Hunger Games Mini-Lesson: Theme


Collaborative Student Investigators CSI Theme Detectives Tasks The task for your investigative team is to analyze the novel to determine its primary theme. In order to do this, follow these instructions: Read PowerPoint slides to review the meaning of theme. … Continue reading