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The Empowered Teacher Session 2- 10/6 & 10/8


Session 2: Word Study Immersion

Incorporating Famous Speeches into Meaningful Homework Assignments

Kennedy's Speech

I have been trying to come up with a useful homework assignment that gets students to practice fluency, vocabulary, comprehension strategies and writing. However, I’ve had trouble finding good material. So, the thought dawned on me to use excerpts from … Continue reading

The WOW! Factor: Student-Teacher Rapport and Vocabulary

The WOW Factor

A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom in the pupils. -Ever Garrison   This is the final installment of The WOW! Factors of teaching that I observed in Teengagement® partner schools.

Introducing Women’s Rights to Your Students

Women's Rights

Recently I had the opportunity to model an introductory lesson for the Women’s Rights Unit of Study at a Middle School in Indian River School District. This Adobe Connect Session provides you with the body of the lesson that I … Continue reading

Composing with Key Words Bookmark- Free Download

Use this free download to aid your students in using new vocabulary in the context of the text being read.  Composing with Key Words-Bookmark

Hunger Games Mini-lesson: Vocabulary


Previously, we discussed using the Hunger Games series as a vehicle for teaching teens about the THEMES of utopian and dystopian literature. However, educators are responsible for having multiple balls in the air at any one time, and two of … Continue reading

Circle Map with Frame of Reference

Circle Map with Frame of Reference

Happy Monday morning! To start your week off right, here’s a vocabulary strategy to aid students in learning and using new vocabulary in the context of the text.