Wildlife Warriors


How does awareness of conservation issues lead to meaningful change?

back-LrgIn this Unit of Study, Wildlife Warriors, students examine what it takes to save the planet, and how it only takes one determined individual to generate worldwide change. The High-Interest Article, “The Irwin Legacy,” updates the reader on the status of Steve Irwin’s wildlife efforts following his death: how his family continues to make meaningful strides for the cause of wildlife preservation, and how his daughter, Bindi, seeks to continue her father’s legacy through her own journey.

Yellowstone NP, WY. USA

Yellowstone NP, WY. USA

The Technical Article, “Conservation Heritage,” takes a look at wildlife conservation in North America, detailing our earliest attempts at protecting endangered species, and revealing ways that the United States government has striven to make conservation a national effort.

In the College and Career Article, the theme of conservation continues with the story of Oscar Dewberry, a man who has dedicated his entire life to working for the U.S. government, conserving wildlife in his home state of Georgia.

Ultimately, students will discover what it really takes to save our planet, how crucial this task has become, and how the ability to effect change can come from anyone with a passion for preservation.


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